Saturday, August 22, 2009

Entertainment Development

Along with my husband, I'm developing several concepts for television, film, & publishing. One is called The Speqtors, an animated series about a family of ghosthunters. You can see an artwork sample and some of writing from the pitch here.

By Megan Newcomer & Jorge Lacera

-Just Your Paranormal Pitch-


Welcome to Miskatonic, Massachusetts. Population 5623. It’s a sleepy little township 59 minutes south of Boston. 44 minutes on Sundays between 2 and 3:30. Any other time, traffic can be described as “thick and goopy, like boston crème pie.” Edwin Speqtor strongly dislikes traffic. Claire Speqtor considers it a good opportunity to practice her meditation techniques.

Miskatonic is not too far from Plymouth and, like Plymouth, it’s one of America’s first settlements. That sign you saw welcoming you to Miskatonic clearly says “a historical city.” Folks around here like to say it’s a spirited kind of place.

Edwin and Sydney Speqtor reside at 1111 Eleven Boulevard with their two children, Ben and Claire. It’s a tree-lined street near the Burkett River. Theirs is the big, red country house built in 1867. See it? No, that’s not smoke coming out of the chimney. Yes, it is a ghost.

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