Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting The Most Out Of Linked In

Check out this SlideShare advice to the New Lawyers Committee for getting more out of your LinkedIn Presence:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Multi-channel product launch--Charm Story Creative Development

"Charm Story" was one of the first true product launches for Things Remembered, who, in the past, introduced new product one at at time without a theme.

I led the creative and editorial development for this project, working with the talented team at Doner Advertising to execute the tone, look, and feel of these customizable charm bracelets and necklaces. I love the logo and tagline (written by Senior Copywriter Heather Bentoske) because it completely captures what TR offers--the ability to add your "words" to your gift with custom engraved messages.

Here's the logo:

In-Store Signage:

Check out the catalog copy (written by myself and Heather Bentoske) to see how we compelled shoppers to tell their own unique stories through a one of a kind bracelet!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Online Writing--Google Ad Copy

The Problem: Things Remembered was driving the wrong customers to their website.

The Solution: I wrote a new collection of Paid Search Ad Copy, focusing on the key brand differentiators and advantages.

The Result: Better site traffic and stronger conversion rates.

Entertainment Development

Along with my husband, I'm developing several concepts for television, film, & publishing. One is called The Speqtors, an animated series about a family of ghosthunters. You can see an artwork sample and some of writing from the pitch here.

By Megan Newcomer & Jorge Lacera

-Just Your Paranormal Pitch-


Welcome to Miskatonic, Massachusetts. Population 5623. It’s a sleepy little township 59 minutes south of Boston. 44 minutes on Sundays between 2 and 3:30. Any other time, traffic can be described as “thick and goopy, like boston crème pie.” Edwin Speqtor strongly dislikes traffic. Claire Speqtor considers it a good opportunity to practice her meditation techniques.

Miskatonic is not too far from Plymouth and, like Plymouth, it’s one of America’s first settlements. That sign you saw welcoming you to Miskatonic clearly says “a historical city.” Folks around here like to say it’s a spirited kind of place.

Edwin and Sydney Speqtor reside at 1111 Eleven Boulevard with their two children, Ben and Claire. It’s a tree-lined street near the Burkett River. Theirs is the big, red country house built in 1867. See it? No, that’s not smoke coming out of the chimney. Yes, it is a ghost.

Creative Product Development

Retail consultant Scott Jackson had the beginnings of an idea for selling personalized messages. I took the idea, ran with it, and let it develop into a sprint. Check out my presentation here!

Interactive Writing--Web

This website is still a work in progress, but I've written a bulk of the copy including headlines, product copy, teasers, and promotions. Click on the screen captures to read the small print.

We wanted to bring a personal feel to many of the TR marketing materials so we began collection real stories and feedback from customers. This page shows an example of this strategy implemented on the site.

Branding and Editorial Development

Kiwee is a fun web 2.0 site (explore it at developed by American Greetings. During its creation, I wrote the overall editorial direction for the site. My favorite line? "Sit back. Take off your shoes. Grab a mocha and throw in your favorite tunes. Relaxed? You're ready for Kiwee."

Interactive Writing--Email

Email click-through and conversion rates went up between 5 and 10 percent after I re-tooled the selling copy (and subject lines.)

In Store Marketing

Art Directed by Lucy Todaro, this is one of my favorite window banners for Things Remembered. The copy is short and sweet and great for Back To School.

Magazine Ad

Designed by Senior Art Director Lucy Todaro, I love the clean, modern look of this Ad intended for national bridal magazines like Brides & InStyle. I wanted the copy to be fresh and contemporary and speak to brides dreaming of an ultra-unique event.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Catalog Writing

One of my primary initiatives at Things Remembered was to create, develop, and execute a new brand voice that connected with consumers and sold product. I wanted copy that was a bit more conversational, less stodgy, and classically modern. Here are some examples of catalog copy from a recent Wedding catalog--the most productive bridal book in TR history.

Script/Story Writing